4 Things to Do Before Getting Started with Demolition in Melbourne

Finding the best Demolition Contractors in Melbourne could be a tedious task, but to make sure all your efforts payout, there are a few things that you must consider.

A lot of things are there to be done & considered to prevent any kind of foundation, law, or environment issue.

So question is what are these things, and how can you do it? Let’s find out ahead!

But … before you know that, let’s discover the reasons to go for property demolition.

Boost the ROI(Return of Investments): By enhancing existing property, you can add some more zeroes to your total property value.

Damaged foundation: A weak foundation is a major reason to demolish a property. By reconstructing the foundation, you can prevent future hazards and injuries.


Dangerous material involved in the construction of the building: Materials such as asbestos, mercury, lead, and polychlorinated biphenyls are dangerous not for only the residents but also the environment. Sometimes when you are going for the property inspection, these parts (if found in the material) needs to be taken down.

4 Things to consider before starting with Demolition:

1. Demolition method determination:

Numerous demolition methods are there to go for. You can go for any of the following approaches:

Mechanical demolition: this is the most common and natural method to Demolition in Melbourne. A hydraulic excavator is used along with some other heavy machineries. A trailer or dumpster is used to take care of the debris. This method is quick and may cost $4000 to $14000.

Deconstruction method: This is a manual method to destruct a property. As per experts, you can reuse almost 70% of the building material if manual demolition in Melbourne method is used. You can reuse doors, sinks, light fixtures, tubs, copper pipes, etc.

Mechanical & Deconstruction Combo:  As the name suggests, this method is the combination of both mechanical and manual demolition methods. The reusable materials are separated from the debris, and the entire destruction process is pursued with the help of heavy machinery.

2. Hiring professionals for the job:

Demolition in Melbourne is no less than human surgery. You need to be an expert to know how, when, and where to demolish the property. They will inspect the site from the inside to the outside and come up with various possible solutions.

3. Staying lawful:

Each country and region has its different demolition laws. So before you start your project, make sure that you are doing everything under the law and all the papers are done before the destruction started. You can even get help from the professional demolition contractors in Melbourne for convenience.

You need to get a ‘building permit’ so that no one can object during your commercial or residential property demolition.

It could take a few days or weeks to get everything done legally,  but it’s better to be safe than to regret later.

4. Handling neighbours:

Demolition is going to include dust, noise, and dirt. Therefore, some of your neighbours might not be comfortable with that. However, it’s your duty to inform them before the demolition process starts so that they can take all the essential measures than to chaos later. You can also get a NOC from your neighbours with the help of your demolition contractors in Melbourne. 

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