5 Tips For Getting the Best Experience With an Escort

If you’re thinking about hiring an escort, it’s important to remember that she is a person with her own likes and dislikes. While you may be excited to get your hands on an attractive lady, she might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Here are some tips for making sure that your experience with Christchurch escorts goes as smoothly as possible:

Appreciate her time.

You are not the only one who is getting something out of this transaction. Just like a business meeting or an interview, your escort has a lot to lose if she screws up and you do not leave her with a good experience. She wants to meet new people and have great conversations, as well as enjoy the company of someone who appreciates her.

If you treat your escort like any other person and make sure that you pay attention to what she likes, then chances are high that she will enjoy spending time with you too!

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions before the date.

Before your date, you should ask the escort about any questions you have. It’s okay to be nervous about what will happen on your date, and it’s okay to not know all the answers upfront. Just like with any other friend or coworker, it’s important to feel comfortable in asking questions and voicing concerns without judgment. Your escort will appreciate that you are being honest and setting the tone for a respectful relationship with him or her.

Many people who hire Christchurch escorts have never done this before (or at least not recently). They may feel intimidated or embarrassed because they don’t know what questions they should ask or how much information is appropriate to share with their service provider. But here’s one tip: Don’t hold back! Be yourself! Be vulnerable! Being open-minded and honest with someone else is one of the best ways we can experience intimacy in life—and no matter what type of relationship we’re talking about here, that includes having sex!

Don’t try to negotiate prices.

You shouldn’t try to negotiate prices with an escort. Some escorts might be open to bartering or negotiating, but this is by no standard means practice in the industry, and it isn’t something you should expect when you’re booking a date.

You should also avoid trying to negotiate the services they provide—it’s not fair for you or them! If your escort is offering certain services, she will have already considered whether those are appropriate for her clientele and decided that they are worth providing. If there’s something specific that you want her to do, be sure that you’re clear about what exactly it is, so there aren’t any misunderstandings on either side of the transaction.

And finally: don’t try negotiating with your escort at all (even if she offers). She’s looking forward to having fun just like you are!

Remember to shower before you meet your escort.

  • You should remember to shower before meeting your escort. This will help you feel more confident, as well as allow you to avoid bad odours and body hair. You should also shave or trim what needs it (if this is necessary) and wear clean clothes.

Use protection with your escort, even if you’re married or in a relationship with someone else.

You may be thinking, “But I’m married!” or “But I’m in a relationship with someone else—I don’t need to use protection!” However, even if you’re in a monogamous relationship with someone else, it’s still important to practice safe sex. Some diseases, like herpes and hepatitis B, can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact even when there is no exchange of bodily fluids. That’s why sex workers recommend using condoms with clients as well as with their partners.

It might sound like common sense to some people—but it’s worth reiterating: Using protection (and getting tested) can protect your health and prevent STIs from spreading further around the world.

It’s important to treat an escort like any other woman.

It’s important to treat Christchurch escorts like any other woman. This means showing her respect and being polite, but it also means following basic etiquette. For example, if you’re in the habit of asking women how they feel about certain things (e.g., their favourite movie or what they do for work), you should probably avoid doing this with your escort as well. She is not your girlfriend; she doesn’t need to know how much money you make or what kind of car you drive.

Escorts are professionals who are used to being treated like professionals—not girlfriends or wives who need constant reassurance that they’re “special.” Escort agencies generally have strict rules about discussing prices and negotiating services prior to the meeting; try not breaking these on purpose just because it’s exciting for some reason, for some reason unknown even by yourself!

Remember: Escorts are human beings with feelings, too—and just like anyone else with feelings, they deserve basic respect from strangers/clients who interact with them professionally as well as socially (if applicable). You wouldn’t want someone treating your friend at work poorly just because she was working there instead of hanging out at home watching Netflix all day—so why would it be OK for someone else’s friend?


We hope these tips will help you get the best experience possible with your Escorts in Christchurch. Remember, she’s a real person who deserves to be treated like one. You don’t need to buy flowers or wine or chocolates, but it’s nice if you do. She also understands that her job is service-oriented and wants to make sure that you feel comfortable when booking an appointment with her. So take some time to shower before meeting up and ask any questions about what services she offers beforehand!

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