A Mezzanine Design Guide For Office Space

The mezzanine is an often-overlooked space, but it’s a valuable tool for making the most of your office. With the right mezzanine office fitout, you’ll be able to create more private areas and more unique work spaces that are better suited to different types of projects.

So if you’re thinking about transforming your mezzanine into something more useful—or if you’re trying to make use of one as an existing feature—here’s how to do it:

Create defined spaces.

A mezzanine is a great way to add more space, but it will be useless if you don’t use it. A mezzanine can be used in many different ways, from creating a private office to providing valuable storage space.

One of the best ways to use a mezzanine is by creating distinct spaces within the same room. This allows for informal meeting areas and helps employees stay focused on their work tasks without being distracted by other employees around them.

mezzanine office fitout

Design the space for maximum natural light.

The natural light in your workspace is important to the overall design of your mezzanine. Consider these factors:

  • The type of light available. Is it natural? Artificial?
  • The amount of natural light available. How much does your building block out the sun, or how much does it allow in?
  • Direction of natural light. Where is the sun coming from during certain times of day (morning, afternoon and evening)? Does this change throughout the year?

What about seasonally or weather-wise—is there a consistent amount of direct sunlight through all seasons, or does it vary greatly between summer and winter months?

  • Colour temperature (how warm/cool) and intensity (how bright/dim) are also key considerations when considering how you can use natural lighting as part of your overall design plan for offices using mezzanines in their office spaces!

Consider different levels of privacy and noise.

Consider different levels of privacy and noise. Mezzanines can be used to create a variety of spaces, including private offices or open work areas that allow for conversation and collaboration.

Mezzanines are also useful in creating quiet zones, which can be great for those who like to focus on their work with minimal distractions.

Keep it contemporary.

A mezzanine design is a great way to add value to your office space. Contemporary designs are in vogue, and they’re a good fit for the modern workplace.

Contemporary design—the combination of bold colours with clean lines and geometric shapes—has become an increasingly popular choice for modern businesses.

The style lends itself well to open offices, which can often feel cold and uninviting when furnished with traditional furnishings like desks and chairs. If you’re looking for commercial furniture that will stand out in your office while still blending seamlessly into the background, go with something contemporary!


We hope these tips helped you to create a more functional and comfortable mezzanine office fitout.

Remember, when it comes to designing an office space, there is no one-size-fits all solution. Take the time to consider what’s best for your company and how these changes might impact the people that work there.

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