Avoid these Things Mistakes to keep Performing Light Tower

For many contractors, work doesn’t stop their work when the sun goes down. Working through the night has become commonplace for many industries as lighting Towers are an essential part of the majority of the commercial industries. With so much reliance on these devices, it’s critical to keep them in good working order on a regular basis. Along with the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s also your responsibility to maintain the equipment and machinery in proper condition. The following are relevant tips to maintain the light towers for longer years. Keep on reading the blog to know more in detail!

Daily Checks

Always do maintenance work when the machine and equipment are cool to prevent future accidents. All fluid levels, including fuel, engine oil, and coolant, should be checked on a daily basis on a light tower. Determine that all visible electrical wiring and connections are safe. Components and hardware will be examined during a fast mechanical check. Look for significant symptoms of a loose fastener, such as paint scraped away from bolt heads or shiny metal under a nut, which indicates that it is not secure. Make sure to check the machine whether it causes a loud sound when it’s up and running. Any unusual noises should be reported immediately.

Weekly/Monthly Checks

  • Check the tyre pressure, suspension, and drawbar, and hitch on a weekly basis. Fluids and filters, particularly the air filter, may need to be changed. Multistage air filters, including a safety cartridge, are included with some light towers. Safety cartridges assist keep dirt and debris out during filter replacements, so don’t remove them when changing the air filter.
  • It’s critical to keep an eye on the fuel system, as incorrectly handled gasoline is a major cause of diesel engine problems. When moisture or debris are permitted to enter the system, fuel contamination can develop. Make sure the cap is constantly securely fastened and that the filling area is clean. Also, always keep track of how much diesel fuel is in the tank. Running out of gas might result in performance issues as well as more headaches down the line. Additionally, every oil change should include the replacement of gasoline filters. Fuel filters are an important aspect of an engine’s performance and replacing them at least once a year is essential for a reliable machine.
  • When it comes to routine maintenance, engine starting batteries often fall by the wayside. It’s common to replace batteries only when they’re worn out, but it’s a good idea to replace them every 2 to 3 years.
  • Check the cable for fraying or kinks and tighten any loose crimp connections on light tower masts with winches and cables. Check for good operation and locking on the winch. Check that the mast’s mounting bolts are tight and that the securing bolts and pins are in place. When it comes to hydraulic mast light towers, make sure the hydraulic fluid level is correct. Some hydraulically actuated masts also require cables, so make sure to inspect those as well.

Conclusion: Hope you found the blog useful and informative. Keep the above points in mind to maintain your Portable Light Tower in a good condition for longer years.

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