Bluestone Pavers v/s Bluestone Tiles: 5 benefits of Bluestones

Bluestones are volcanic stones that have taken millions of years to shape and texture. bluestone tiles Melbourne are made up of bluestone and are hard and compact, allowing them to provide significant structural support to build structures. Its natural beauty and durability are the most common form of building material used to construct popular architectural structures and pathways throughout Australia.

Even today, the government uses bluestone pavers and tiles to build driveways, sidewalks, outdoor pavers, and government offices because they have the ideal combination of dependability, weather resistance, non-slipperiness, and longevity.

Bluestone Pavers v/s Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles are terms that are interchangeable. The only difference is that pavers are typically used for outdoor paving, mostly around pools to provide strength to the pool edges, while honed finish tiles for indoor flooring are very common for lawn areas.

bluestone tiles Melbourne

Uses of having Outdoor Bluestone Pavers & Pool Paving

  • Bluestone is a durable natural stone that can be used for indoor and outdoor flooring, paving, wall cladding, and walking stones. Bluestone tiling is a concept used to describe interior applications such as floors.
  • Outside applications such as bluestone pool pavers, bluestone pool coping stones, footpaths, landscaping, driveways, garden steppers, pathways, fireplaces, and other bluestone exterior paving areas are referred to as bluestone paving.
  • On the other hand, Bluestone wall cladding is a concept that refers to layering that is added on top of an existing surface for decoration and protection from the elements, such as feature walls and stone wall cladding.

Benefits of Bluestone

  1. Durability: The most notable feature of natural bluestone stone is its resilience, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and adapt well to its surroundings. It is the most robust natural stone due to its hardness and dense composition.
  2. Non-Slippery: Compared to materialistic tiling materials such as concrete, porcelain, and so on, bluestone has the highest non-slippery ranking. The Victorian Government chose bluestone for paving the Melbourne CBD because of its unique qualities.
  3. Long-lasting: You can depend on the durability of bluestone without a doubt. They are the most durable natural stone available, and with proper care, they will last for decades, if not centuries. Consider the massive Stonehenge prehistoric monuments in England, which were constructed 5000 years ago and are still standing tall after the natural disaster.
  4. Easy Installation: While bluestone is very thick, due to its flat surface and high quality of material, it is extremely simple to instal for professionals.
  5. Cost-effective: The best benefit of bluestone is that it is very cheap, costing about the same as non-natural or materials tiling items. It is the best tiling and paving material for homeowners, builders, and architects due to its endless benefits.

Bottom Line,

It’s difficult to choose the right one among all the beautiful natural textures, but if you want a little darker shades in your tiles and paving for assets, bluestone pavers Melbourne are the best option because they often come in darker colour ranges from ashy blues to charcoal greys due to less exposure to the sun during their creation years ago.

Source:Bluestone Pavers v/s Bluestone Tiles: 5 benefits of Bluestones

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