Common Expenses Every Custom Homeowner Should Expect

If you’re looking to buy your own custom home, read on to learn about some of these common expenses that come with buying a new house if you are planning to become a High Quality Custom Home Builder in Adelaide!

High Quality Custom Home Builder in Adelaide

Acquisition of Land

You should expect to pay for the land you build your home on, and this expense will vary based on location, size, and other factors. Although it’s possible to negotiate a lower price than listed, the cost of land can be unpredictable—and it’s often not possible to find a good deal on an existing lot in an area where you want to live.

To determine whether or not buying a particular piece of property is worth allocating funds towards purchasing that land, talk with your realtor about how much money they think you’ll end up paying for your home once construction is complete. If their estimate sounds reasonable compared to other homes nearby (or if there aren’t others nearby), then start budgeting for it now!

Taxes and Insurance

Taxes and insurance are common expenses that you should expect to pay when you buy a custom home. The first expense is property taxes, which are paid annually or semiannually depending on your county’s tax rate schedule.

The second expense is homeowner’s insurance, which covers your home against damage caused by fire, wind, or other natural disasters like earthquakes and floods (but not theft). You’ll pay this monthly or quarterly based on your policy terms; it’s important to keep up with these payments so that if anything happens to your house unexpectedly—like a natural disaster strikes—you’ll be prepared!

Extraneous Fees

In addition to the basic building materials and labour costs, you should be prepared for other extraneous fees that can add up quickly. Some of these include:

  • Cost-of-living expenses. The builder pays this fee to cover their operating costs in general. For example, they will have to pay rent on their office space and utilities each month just like you would if you were running your own business out of your home.
  • Building fees. When you hire someone to build your custom home, they need money upfront so that they can purchase all of the necessary tools, machinery, and supplies required for construction (drills, saws, etc). This creates an immediate expense that must be covered by yourself or through financing with a lender who will charge interest over time until it’s paid off completely – which means more money coming out from pocket before even starting construction!

Construction Costs

Construction costs are the most obvious, but there are other common expenses you might not think of. For example, if you decide to build your home on land that’s already been cleared and levelled, it may cost more than building a new home on raw land. The same goes for buying a lot with existing utilities (like sewer and water) versus having them installed later by your builder or subcontractor.

In some cases, these costs can be negotiable; for example, if you plan to add an addition to your home after moving in (for example, a garage), you may be able to negotiate lower prices for those services since they won’t have as much labor invested in them as one could expect from High Quality Custom Home Builder in Adelaide built from scratch on raw land with no utilities available yet.


As you can see, a lot of expenses come with owning your own home. However, the good news is that most of these costs are predictable and manageable. It’s important to keep track of them throughout the process so you know what to expect in terms of total cost or monthly payments once you’ve moved into your new place!


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