Decoding The Puzzles in an Escape Game in Melbourne

The past pandemic has explained the value of our social lives. Missing your friends and meeting them in college, or chatting with your colleagues and feeling connected to your work and organizational culture. During the several lockdowns that we have gone through this past year in Melbourne, there have been many innovations and ideas that have strived to bring people together while maintaining the physical social distancing that is essential to get through with it. One such is the Virtual Puzzle Room in Melbourne.

Majorly, people have far and wide shown inclination towards three main types of Escape Games in Melbourne. The first one is where the person actually takes you through the physical escape room game and you solve the puzzles and direct the person on what to do next. The second is more like a phone app. Where you control the moves through a user interface and the game master facilitates you with the same. The third one is images illustrating the room that’s supposed to be in front of you is presented and a whole picture of the room immerses out of it gradually.

Escape Room Melbourne

While all the three are different types of rooms, the key to solving each Puzzle room of Melbourne is more or less the same. You just need to follow some basic steps and you can go through enjoying and successfully completing the escape game in Melbourne, nonetheless! Mentioned below are the key pointers to keep in mind are,

  • Research the game before you go in. This essentially means getting an idea of the pros and cons of the type of game you are getting yourself into.
  • Since this is a team game, there are always players contributing to solving each clue. Now, the job is really to choose whose advice to go with. See the credibility of the player suggesting the move. If he has enough experience with this kind of game, trust his suggestions and instinct cause the world knows by now- Practice makes a man perfect!
  • The last and golden rule is BE CONSISTENT, Always! As soon as you start playing a game, start noticing the pattern and clues, find the connection and connect the dots. The clues are generally consistent with the theme or idea that goes down the same line.

Over and above these suggestions, be mindful of your team. Group people who can work with each other or any other combination if that suits your agenda. Also, pay attention to the minimum and the maximum number of players in each team and the tasks or puzzles that are involved in each escape game in Melbourne.

At the end of the day, as much as we all love competitions, you are going into these games to take a break. Do not forget that while trying to successfully complete the game. It’s supposed to be fun more than anything else and that’s what it should be. The best part about this is you can literally be oceans apart and still play this together with all your friends, the best perk of the Internet!

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Source: Decoding The Puzzles in an Escape Game in Melbourne