Does the Solar System Need Regular Cleaning?

A solar panel is an innovation that we all should be grateful for. It has made it possible to channelize the energy of the sun to our use. Out of all the renewable sources of energy that we have the amount of energy we can get from the sun is immeasurable.

When the world is facing havoc due to the burning of fossil fuels this is more of bliss for humankind. People have become very aware of this fact and have started incorporating solar panels in many aspects of their lives. If you haven’t yet you can get it from Top solar panels Brisbane provider.

Solar Power Brisbane is the way of our ways to contribute towards environmental goods. With the increasing panel installation at home. A question has been sparked among the homeowners on how to take regular care of these panels? How to clean these panels? Does not cleaning this panel impact the power outcome? And many more. Let us one by one figure out queries like these.

Do the Solar Panels need to be Cleaned?

It depends on the amount or type of dirt or dust that accumulates on the solar panel. If the solar panels are placed in a direction with enough wind the chances of dust accumulation are minimal. But it is not just dust and debris, What about the bird excretions? There gets stick on the surface and when not removed on time gets hard to wipe off. So, all this should be cleaned off so the energy from the sun’s rays can be more effectively harnessed.

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Is DIY cleaning appropriate?
When treating sensitive and delicate surfaces like that of the solar panel extra care need to be taken. People are naïve to cleaning the surface of the solar panels as it is a new concept and nobody has found an effective method yet. Whatever you try make sure that you give it a thought first. Is it going to be harsh on the surface? Is it too rough for the surface? If your experience says yes then do not do it. Word of advice use a garden hose to clean the dust off and in case of hard accumulation use glass cleaner and a sponge to get the panel cleaned.

You can also check for effective and trustworthy ways of cleaning solar panels. Read the reviews on those blogs to check if it works or not. If you are living in an area with frequent rain then your problem is automatically solved. The rainwater will keep the solar panels clean and relieve you from the stress of cleaning them.

Are our professional cleaners worth the money?

Professional cleaners are worth the money but they are not cost-effective if you have the solar panel in a place where there are no high chances of accumulations then it is not cost-effective for you. But if your solar panel gets too dirty because of dirt, tree debris, bird excretions then apart from using the regular cleaning method you can get the panels cleaned by professionals as well. Apart from those, others can have the solar panels cleaned by professionals once a year.


The accumulation of dirt and other substances on the solar panel does have an impact on the amount of electricity produced by the panel. Effectively cleaning the solar panels can increase the outcome by up to 12%. This is the reason people are hunting for a solution to clean these solar panels. When you cannot find an effective solution, you can always contact the Solar Power Brisbane company that supplied and installed the solar panels at your house.

Source: How Should I Clean the Solar System?

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