Don’t Forget To Include These Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

The arrival of summer always makes us all worried. Besides this hot climate, the most frustrating thing we all find tempting is ELECTRICITY. To find relief during this intolerable climate, people depend upon air conditioners, fans, and other electronic items which could raise the utility bills. Even after spending costs into such equipment, many people don’t find relief and they spend sleepless nights due to the hot season. That’s why; we are here with a bunch of tips straight from the expert Electrician Frankston.

In this guide, we are going to share a few energy efficiency tips shared by Electrician Hastings to help you stay cool without spending much on electricity. You may think can it be possible to have a proper lifestyle without drilling the pocket? Well, it is. See how!

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  • Ensure thermostat settings

This is the easiest energy efficiency tips that include optimization of thermostat settings. The energy department suggests homeowners keep their thermostat near about 78 degrees when it’s summer with a purpose to save more than 10% of utility bills every year. If you find 78 degrees is intolerable, you will even see some of the savings by increasing thermostat’s temperature a bit. Also, you can save almost around 3% of cooling costs if you choose to cross 72 degrees.

  • Spend into a programmable thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat can help you save enough bucks. I know, it may sound ironic but, it is true. These devices are more expensive than other traditional models. With the help of saved money, you can have enough room to invest in other areas. These devices are programmed to reach a peak of temperature when you are gone and reach back to a comfortable setting. As a homeowner, you can easily control the models from a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other devices.

  • Choose to purchase an updated air conditioner

If you want to reduce your monthly utility bill then it’s a time to think about an upgrade. If your air conditioner system or heating system is of old version or it has old mechanism then it impacts on the utility bill. When you shop around for a new air conditioning unit, you should always pay attention to systems with EER and SEER ratings. Study says these models are comparatively more effective than any other average unit. If you have enough budgets then, you should even choose green products to give your bit to the environment too.

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  • Control the use of water

Always think out of the box and choose products that work without affecting the environment. Mostly, we use lots of water during the summer with compare to other seasons. Also, your plants and vegetation require enough hydration during the time. Controlling the amount of water you use can help keep these energy bills low down. To keep track of the water usage, install low-flow fixtures that restrict the exact amount of water that comes out.

 Ending up,

Thanks to Electrician Frankston for these useful tips. Are these tips helpful to you? If it is then, share it with your near & dear ones to save on utility bills and also for our environmental betterment.

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