Everything you need to know about end of lease cleaning

It might be confusing when you are planning to move out of your rented house, because there are so many other thoughts wandering in mind like getting a back deposit, packing all your important stuff, and other works. At that time, It’s necessary to clean your tenant’s house properly to get the complete deposit money back from the owner and to get the deposit back without any hassle, you need to return the property in the same condition as it was provided to you at the beginning. There are many End of lease cleaning Melbourne companies that provide A-one cleaning service and guarantees in getting bond money back safely.

What does end of lease cleaning include?

End of lease cleaning service involves vacuuming carpets, removal of stains and dirt from walls and floors, mopping of floor, dusting, and cleaning of furniture, kitchens, and bathroom cleaning. Basically, it is the complete house cleaning at the time leaving the rental property.

How much does the End of lease cleaning cost?

Exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning both are similar and it is totally worth it for the price paid. Cleaning charges depend upon the property you have rented whether it is an apartment, flat, or house. Normally the rates are $100-$250 for End of lease cleaning and $60-$150 for apartment cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Why hire professionals for End of lease cleaning?

It would be great to hire professional exit cleaning Melbourne services to get rid of unnecessary cleaning stress. By hiring the cleaning experts, you can peacefully focus on your other works and formalities that are necessary to be completed before moving out. You might think that hiring a professional cleaner can be expensive but it’s not like that, you can pay as per your service needs. Hiring experts is a good choice because you don’t have to buy cleaning equipment or rent from anywhere to perform cleaning, here you get your work done within 8 hours with guaranteed best cleaning.

Can the owner charge me after I move out?

Yes, the owner may deduct some amount if the property has some wear and tears and is not cleaned properly in good condition. In many countries now bond cleaning is performed efficiently to get the deposit back. There is also a rule in various countries to give 1 month notice period to the owner before moving out so, in that period of time, you can plan cleaning accordingly and fix the damages and tears that occurred in the rented house.

Conclusion: It’s important to do exit cleaning to secure your bond amount, so never compromise in hiring the best End of lease cleaning Melbourne services. It’s not that much costly, basically, you only pay for the services you use. Prefer professional cleaner rather than cleaning by yourself because they provide 100% bond safety and guaranteed high-quality cleaning work.

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