How Can You Make Your Visit to Cappadocia Highly Memorable?

If you are planning for a memorable vacation with your family to Turkey, then why not plan for Cappadocia? It is one of the most popular, highly magical and magical landscapes that attracts lots of tourists every year.

What Makes Cappadocia an Exclusively Featured Place in Turkey?

Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys along with remarkable volcanic eruptions are something that will lure your eyes. A unique mixture of natural geography, vibrant Turkish culture and Anatolian history are some not-to-miss in the place.

Top Interesting Places to Visit in Cappadocia

Still, wondering what makes the place special? Below are some interesting places to visit and things to do in Cappadocia that will leave a remarkable impression on your mind:

  • The underground city of Kaymakli – Located beneath the rock formations of Cappadocia, the underground Kaymakli city is the largest tourist spot in Turkey. There are tunnels between rooms through which you need to bend and crouch to move from one place to the other.

There are eight floors beneath. Among them, only four are open to the public. The excellent engineering work and exclusively architecture masterpiece will amaze you. Additional attractions include a winery, storage rooms, stables, ventilation shafts, bedrooms and a church.

  • Pasabag – Also known as Pah-shah-bah, Pasabag is a marvellous spot for housing fairy peculiar chimneys. The natural structures of mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys are created through erosion that took place years ago.

It is believed that the area was a house of fairies. Afterward, around the fifth century; monks started taking shelter there. The chapel and seclusion room dedicated to St. Simeon is a must to visit places. Also, you may climb to the top of the fairy chimney for enjoying the natural view.

  • Open-air museum of Goreme – A visit to the open-air museum at Goreme is another interesting things to do in Cappadocia. The place is inclusive of more than twenty-five chapels and rock churches. It has been recognized among the top World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The entire structure is beautifully painted from the inside. Also, the decorative murals dated since 1200 A.D. surprisingly have been able to retain the freshness for a long. The Byzantine art and scenes from the New Testament will lure your eyes.

  • Devrent Valley – The Devrent Valley unlike other valleys of Cappadocia does not include any cave church, tomb or Roman castles. As it was never inhabited, the place is inclusive of rock pillars. Those rock pillars resemble camel, penguin, snake, dolphin and seals.

The entire place will let your imagination run wild. It is also known as an Imaginary Valley. It is preferable to take a guide along with so that you may come across the rock pillar that resembles the Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ.

Additional interesting activities that will make your visit to Cappadocia memorable are horse riding, hot air balloon riding, belly dance in cave restaurants and paying a visit to the pottery shop in nearby areas including Avanos. For enjoying an interesting Turkish delight, you may opt for a pottery kebab that will lure your taste buds at the best.

Source:What are Some Interesting Tourist Spots to Visit in Cappadocia?

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