How to Find Out the Right Silver Ring Size? Read to Know!

Purchasing a Silver Jewellery Online can be daunting especially if you plan to purchase the silver ring. However, online silver shops share a chart that indicates the exact size so that you can purchase the properly fitted ring.

The process of purchasing it online gets even troublesome if you are planning to gift it to someone you adore. Many times, online jewellery shopping reflects more convenience with compare to spending hours into the jewellery shop. You must be the one who believes in the purchase of silver ring online.

But, before you purchase a ring online, it’s important to determine the ring size.

You may feel amazed by knowing that there are several sizing systems in use all around the world. Still, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while you measure the ring size. However, wider rings need a large size and our hands are not the same size.

Wideband rings

If you find the ring size wider than 4mm for women and 6mm for men then, you should pick a large size. Prefer to choose one large size if you are unsure about your actual size or the size of the recipient.

925 sterling silver rings

Ring size calculation

To find out an exact ring size could be difficult and there are different ways to do so. You need to start the determination process with the most accurate and then describe some of the tricks that can be done at home but less accurate with compare to other tricks.

Measure ring size professionally

If you find any nearby jewellery store, you should ask them for measuring your ring size. This will always work as they have the right tools to check the accurate ring size. They could maybe do it without asking for money and you will have a correct size before you make a purchase. Also, don’t forget to ask them to measure wideband size if you are purchasing a wide band ring.

Take a finger measurement with a piece of paper

Before you rely upon this trick, let me tell you that it is a less accurate method. Also, it comes with a high chance that the size could be wrong or inaccurate. You just need to wrap a narrow piece of paper around the finger. Remember, it should not be too tight but also not be too loose that it could fall off if it were a real ring. You need to mark the spot where the two ends meet and then measure the length of paper in millimetres.


Are you ready for the purchase?

Above-defined tricks for the purchase of silver ring online will surely work. Stay tuned for more such guidelines about the purchase of Silver Jewellery online and what you should consider before you spend a single penny into it. We are here to help you and also hear from you.

Share your online purchase experience or even suggestions with us and our readers through the comment box.


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