How To Get The Right Contractor For Asbestos Removal ?

Getting the right contractor for your asbestos removal Geelong is crucial. There are many aspects to consider when making this decision, but these tips should help you narrow down your options and find a great contractor for your needs.

Documentation Is Good

When you’re hiring a contractor, it’s important to document the process. This will help you in several ways:

  • You can use documentation to make sure that your contractor is doing what they say they are doing. If they show up when they said they would and the job is getting done according to plan, then all is well!
  • Documentation is also necessary for legal reasons. If there were ever any problems with asbestos removal, having thorough documentation of what was done and how much it cost could be extremely helpful. It might even help prevent problems before they ever happen!

Check the Company’s Credentials

Once you’ve chosen a few contractors, check their credentials. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce if they can recommend any contractors that have done good work in the area. 

Check with your state licensing board to see if they have received complaints or violations against their licensees. 

Your insurance company might also be able to tell you about previous claims filed against companies for asbestos removal services. 

Finally, contact your state environmental agency and request copies of any inspections conducted on the property owners who hired these contractors in recent years (if applicable).

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Company Reputation and Experience Counts

The next step is to check the company’s reputation and experience.

  • Check the asbestos Geelong company’s website for a list of references, or ask for them up front. This will help you gauge how many jobs the company has completed, and what sort of customer service they offer in addition to their asbestos-removal expertise.
  • Ask for proof of insurance coverage in case something does go wrong as part of your research into asbestos removal companies in your area.
  • You should also verify that any contractors you hire are properly licensed and accredited by local authorities, since this demonstrates that they’ve met certain standards set by those same authorities.

Keep It Legal

In order to avoid any issues with the EPA, it’s important to make sure that your asbestos removal contractor is registered with them and has a license. 

If the company you hire does not have the proper licenses and registrations, then they may be unable to file for coverage through workers’ compensation or disability insurance programs.

 If this happens and someone gets hurt during removal operations, you could end up paying medical bills out of pocket as well as a large lawsuit settlement if there was an injury claim filed against you.


While it’s important to make sure that the asbestos removal Geelong company you hire is licensed and insured, don’t be afraid to ask if they have experience in other types of work. 

The best companies will offer services like mold remediation and water damage restoration as well as asbestos removal services. These are all things that can come in handy when your home or business has been damaged by fire, flood waters or any other disaster.

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