Know how mouth guard helps in preventing dental injuries.

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You might have seen a sports person wearing the preventive covering of teeth during sports, its called mouth guard that is widely used in the sports industry to prevent dental injuries. It is also proven to improve muscle force and power. Dental injuries can be very painful as it affects your eating, talking and every basic mouth movement. Playing sports can be fun but one should be very careful while playing heavy sports such as boxing, gymnastics, basketball, and many more because it could lead to threatening dental injuries like loose teeth and broken teeth. Dental injuries are nightmares and take more time to heal. If you are confused about what type of mouthguard you should choose, then book an appointment at expert dentures Melbourne today to get an accurate idea about the mouthguard.

Types of mouthguards:

Custom fitted:

Custom-fitted mouthguards are specifically designed to fit your mouth perfectly. Custom-fit offers a superior level of protection, for custom-fit mouth guard; dentist takes an impression of your teeth to manufacture the perfect fit for your mouth with the durable material. It is comfortable and allows easy breathing because of its durable material. The majority of sports players prefer custom-fit mouthguards because of their super-flexibility and comfort.

Boil and bite:

As the name itself suggest boil and bit, it is made up of thermoplastic material that can be softened while boiling hence, it is easily biteable plastic. The material comes in teeth shaped but it is not comfortable like a custom fit.

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Stock mouth guards come in one size that fits all and usually cheaper than that boil and bite and custom-fit. But it does not offer better protection and causes difficulty in breathing so; it is not the right choice if you are a sports player. It can be used on a temporary basis for some time.

What type of mouthguard offers the best protection?

Among the stock, boil and bite and custom-fit mouth guards, the best one is custom fit as it is specially designed by expert dentures to fit your mouth comfortably. It is also made with high-quality durable material so, it doesn’t cause any mouth issues or breathing problems while playing sports. Custom-fit is also suitable for the sports player with braces without causing any harm to the braces and teeth.

Final thoughts: if you are a sportsperson who plays football, boxing or heavy sports then consult the Denture Clinic Melbourne nearby you to get the perfect mouth guard for your mouth. It’s important that the mouthguard fits properly in your mouth. Never choose a mouthguard on your own as it may result in other dental issues if it doesn’t suit your mouth. A mouthguard can be worn by everyone even the persons with braces, just before confirming any mouthguard, take advice from the expert dentist.

If you are a sports player, feel free to share your views on mouth guards and your experience with mouthguards in the comment box.

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