Know Various Types Of Cranes That Are Used In Construction Industry

Crane is an essential part of the construction industry that has made the heavy lifting, loading, and unloading operations easier for the industries.  There are various types of cranes used in the industries depending on the type of work.  Without cranes, industrial work is incomplete, also it’s important to hire an experienced technician to operate the crane in the right way.  Careless in hiring the crane operator can mess up the project and may lead to accidents and other issues. Take the advice of an expert Crane Truck Hire Melbourne Company to choose the best reliable crane according to your project operation.

Various types of cranes used in the construction industry are:

1) Floating crane

A floating crane is popularly known as a crane ship that is used on off-shore construction. It is used for safe loading and unloading of ships, floating cranes are capable of holding over 9000 tons of weight.

2) Telescopic crane.

Telescopic cranes are basically used for transportation purposes. They are also used in rescue operations and transferring objects to heightened places safely

3) Harbor crane.

A Harbour crane is a flexible crane that is used in seaports for loading and unloading ships. It is flexible to use at any place in all directions.

4) Crawler crane.

Crawler cranes have their own pros and cons. It moves within a particular track that is crawlers. The biggest advantage of a crawler crane is that it is capable to move on any surface even on the soil due to its crawler. And the disadvantage is that it is difficult to carry it from one place to another as it is very heavy.

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5) Rough terrain crane.

Rough terrain cranes are mostly used in off-road construction projects. They are mounted by four rubber wheels for the stabilized working.

6) Truck-mounted crane.

Truck-mounted crane operates on single-engine and basically used for undercarriage as well as crane operation.  It can easily travel on the highway hence it does not need any transport for transportation.

7) Level luffing crane.

Level luffing crane contains hinged jib, the hook remains at the same level while loading and unloading operations can be performed by moving jib up and down.

8) Railroad crane.

Railroad cranes are used for railway construction such as repairing and railway maintenance. It moves along with the rail track while doing operations. Its drawback is that they cannot travel on roads other than railway tracks.

9) Tower crane.

Tower crane is the most common and popular crane that is used in the construction industry, basically, they are used to fix the concrete to the ground surface in the construction industry and can easily lift up to 20 tons of weight.

Bottom line: Other than this, there are so many types of cranes available for different purposes of work in the industry. Every crane is unique and has different functionality. Take expert advice if you are confused about which crane to use. The reputed company sends an expert operator with the crane to operate it properly, select the trusted Crane Hire Melbourne company, and also ask necessary questions about the crane brand and other maintenance.

Hope you found the types of crane blog interesting and useful in choosing the right crane for the construction project.

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