List Out The Different Ways To Use Wheel Decide And Its Benefits

When there are lots of things running into our mind, it will definitely become difficult to decide on what to do and what not to do. This could happen many times and almost with everyone. Most of us prefer to approach our closest friend to get help in making a decision. What to do at that time? Wheel decide is there to help you make the right decision.

With using the Prize Wheel it will become easy to create the own digital wheels or use wheels which have already created. However, there are many more ways to use this but here are a few things that you should consider.

You can use it for vocabulary revision

Wheel decide can even help you in the vocabulary test as you need to prefer a wheel with names of students and use it wisely to choose that gives you definition, translation, and spelling of the target vocabulary.

  • You too need to prepare a wheel with the target vocabulary and ask the students for complete translation. Then, write a sentence with the chosen word.
  • You can also choose the alphabet wheel to find out as many words as possible in any category that start with the selected letter.
  • When you need to revise the topics studied throughout the topics or vocabulary within any topic. We always revised vocabulary that relates to what that animal looks like and in the simplest form.
  • Students need to speak for a few minutes about the chosen topic and the partner’s track and give feedback.
  • The student will dig into the process about any chosen topic.

Wheel Decide

Choose the right activities

  • You could help students and when deciding the class for the day. Before giving them objectives and learning the outcomes and let them make suggestions of exercises and activities to reach the objectives. You need to plan out a wheel with ideas and then spin.
  • Before you will end up with the test results, choose exercise to complete in the textbook.

Select rewards

  • Students will always suggest the games to play or songs to listen as a reward for better behaviour. However, the teacher will create a wheel depending upon their decisions and wait for them to behave properly.

Dig deep into the initial discussion

  • Keep a set of lots of questions to practise the target language. You need to put students into pairs then spin the when and listen to the answers. You could ask lots of questions and reach the final answer. You need to prepare for the statements for students to discuss. Let’s understand this with an example that boys are better at football than girls.

End of the buzz,

When you have lots of questions into the mind and unable to find out the answer, Wheel decide could be a good help. Also, you can include it as learning sessions. Choose an online wheel and find out the answer.

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