Maintenance and care tips for your mouthguards

Your smile is something that you would want to keep safe. It has a direct impact on your self-confidence and even life. Though not everybody has perfect or all these, the treatment makes it possible for you to get a brand new smile as well protect your existing ones. Getting Denture Melbourne is one such process.

Protecting the teeth is one of the crucial aspects for athletes. This is when the Mouthguards Melbourne takes all the credit. Well, as we protect our teeth, why don’t we prioritize protecting the things that protect our teeth. Maintenance and upkeep of the mouthguards are necessary. Read further to find out how you can do it.

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Clean After Every Use

Cleaning your mouth guard doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. It’s best to keep things simple. When brushing your teeth before bedtime on the days you wear it, give it a good clean with your toothbrush and toothpaste. When you’re finished, rinse it completely with cool water and air dry it. You can also use this time to give your case a quick cleaning.

When washing or rinsing your mouthguard, avoid using hot water because it may cause the formation of your mouthguard to change. Exposure to high temperatures from other sources, such as direct sunshine, can also cause form alterations.

Deep clean the mouth guard weekly

Make it a habit to clean your mouth guard once a week. Soak the mouth guard in an over-the-counter denture cleanser with some water. Allow the cleanser to completely dissolve in the water before proceeding. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar can be used in the same way. Soak it in distilled vinegar for half an hour, rinse, and then soak it in hydrogen peroxide for another half an hour before fully rinsing it.

Keep It Dry

Bacteria thrive in moist environments. This risk can be reduced simply by keeping it dry. After you’ve washed it, make sure it’s completely dry. Make use of a gentle cloth.

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Replace It When There Is Damage

Don’t wear your mouthguard if it has substantial yellowing or black patches on it. This could imply serious injury. Mould spores could possibly be the source of the black spots. It’s not a good idea to put this in your mouth. Depending on how bad it is, you might be able to clean them off. However, you should check with your dentist to ensure that this is still safe to use.

Store It In A Case

This will extend its usable life while also preventing damage to your mouthguard. And, if you transport yours too and from practice in a gym bag, the case will protect it from being soiled by running shoes or other items in the bag. If you place a clean Mouthguards Melbourne around into a dirty case, cleaning it can become a waste of time. Hand wash the case every few days with ordinary dishwashing soap or castile soap to keep it clean.

Avoid putting the case in the dishwasher since the high temperature may cause the plastic to melt or deform. Allow the case to dry after washing to avoid bacteria growth.

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