Never Miss to Include These Shopify Tips to Be On the Top

There is nothing wrong if we commit that in the next few years, the way people prefer shopping will become mostly digital. If you have just started your online store using the Shopify platform and with the help of Shopify Experts India, you should never forget to include a few tips & tricks.

Although you need to hold the hands of Shopify Developer India tightly to take your business to a peak, you should be aware of a few most considerable things.

Statistically, more than 1.7 million online businesses use Shopify all around the globe. The reason behind choosing Shopify over any other platform is simple; it is because of the perks Shopify offers to the users, clients, and customers.

The most attractive thing about using it is it has inbuilt features and free plugins to simplify the work and include any new feature.

There are a few Shopify tips that you need to consider.

Shopify Developer India

  1. Easy and reliable hosting

The hosting services that Shopify offers is a top attraction for sellers. It makes use of a content distribution network which is a system of servers that host site content in various locations all around the world. Hence, it can be easily delivered to local users much faster. It will also increase customer retention. Not only that, but it also provides users with a free domain, which is not customizable. The URL has the brand name of Shopify in it which can affect SEO ranking.

  1.   Mobile-focused website

You must know that more & more people own smartphones and they prefer searching things through mobile phones instead of desktop or laptop. It means that whether you have a website or ecommerce site, you need to make it mobile-friendly. If you forget or overlook optimizing your website for mobile devices, there are high chances that it affects your online business. A good thing is that Shopify already has endless themes that are device-friendly, be it for desktop, laptop, or mobile phones. You can also redesign your page by including a fixed header, usage of minimal text, no popups, large CTA buttons, and optimizing the same for different screen ratios.

  1.   Use whole price numbers

Usually, online stores place prices with a cent amount such as .99 or .97 to make the product look affordable. It is a marketing strategy, without any doubt. But, you need not keep it this way to beat other competitors. Rather than practising the same, you should put the whole number price. If you want to configure it in your site setting without manually changing the same for every product, then follow the path – settings < General < Store Currency < Change formatting. In this way, you can change your online store’s product-currency even without moving to each product manually.

Wrapping up,

These are a few uncommon tips that not all Shopify Experts India will tell you. So, take it into an account if you want to be a successful online business person and beat the competitors with your success.

Source:Keep These Shopify Tips into an Account to Become Successful

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