Want To Up Your Floorboards? Here Are Pro Tips

One of the biggest conundrums is choosing a floorboard design for your home. The thing that is in your head is how you can make your flooring stand out. The first thing that may come to your mind is getting top-notch Floor Polishing Adelaide as it would provide the shine to the floor that would steal the attention of the guests who visit your home.

The pattern of the Floorboards Adelaide does matter when you are looking forward to enhancing the visual appeal of the flooring. There are numerous ways to up your floorboard game. Here are some of the bright ideas that would help you enhance the overall impact of your Timber Flooring Adelaide on the home.

  • Herringbone Pattern 

It is more like adding a contemporary touch to your modern home. The Herringbone Pattern is quite an unusual yet stylish option for the floors. The reason to choose is floorboard pattern is its capability to create the illusion of spaciousness in the spaces that are quite narrow. It seems the space is quite wider than it actually is.

  • Chevron Pattern

This is where most people get confused as they are certain similarities in these two floorboard patterns. Set it clear in mind that these are two quite different flooring patterns and have quite a unique impact on the aesthetics of the space. As far as the history of Chevron Pattern flooring is concerned, it dates back to the 14th century. Unlike the zig-zag pattern in the Herringbone, in chevron, the floorboards form V or inverted V shape. It is one of the best ways to provide a rich look to the floor when using cheap floor planks.

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  • Make An Entry 

Apart from selecting the versatile pattern for your home floorboards, the entry is what makes your home look unique. The most popular option to make an entry stand out are Chevron or herringbone Parquetry features. Either of them is versatile, stylish ideal for contemporary as well as conventional homes. Make sure to opt for the right floorboards in terms of color and texture to enhance these features a little more.

  • Enhance Certain Spaces 

It’s the floor that would enhance the appearance of the space, agreed. But flooring alone is not capable. Add a variety of features in the space, including upholstery, carpet, rugs, artistic pieces, and more to make certain spaces of the home more appealing. This way, you would combine the flooring and other beautiful aspects to amplify the appearance of the entire space.

  • Post Installation Upkeep 

Apart from choosing the floorboard features, you would require to maintain the timber flooring to keep the visual intact for a longer time period. With time the wear and tear appear on the timber floor. It impacts the charm of your timber floor. To eliminate it, you can choose to hire floor sanding and polishing professionals for your Timber Flooring Adelaideor you can DIY it. The latter option is not recommended as timber floor sanding and polishing require a considerable amount of accuracy and experience.

Source: How To Up Your Floorboards?

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