What to Look for in a Wood Fireplace Surround?

A fireplace surround is a decorative and functional architectural element that surrounds a fireplace. Any room can benefit from a Wood Fireplaces Sydney with a fireplace surround.

Wooden surrounds are usually available in Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Beech, Butternut, Choi, Poplar, Basswood, and pretty much any other wood you can think of. Natural wood is the most acceptable option, whether you want an ornately carved fireplace surround or something colonial and straightforward in style.

Things to Think About When Buying a Wood Fireplace Surround

  • Because Wood Fireplaces Sydney come in various heights and widths, one of the most typical mistakes when purchasing a fireplace surround is failing to measure the fireplace beforehand. While some people can glance at a mantel and determine whether or not it is the proper size, most of us do not. If you did this, you’d save yourself some time and aggravation.
  • If you measure the fireplace, including the size of the hearth, you’ll save time and trouble. This will assist you in concentrating on fireplace mantels that are proportionate to your Wood Fireplaces Adelaide.
  • The next step is to think about the accent piece’s design. Large brick fireplaces benefit from massive wooden mantels, but a small fireplace in a bedroom will benefit from something more demure. You’ll also have to select whether you want scrollwork or other components in the overall design or if clean, essential lines are preferable.
  • Keep in mind that the fireplace mantle should complement the rest of the room’s architecture. When the room incorporates details like chair railing or intricate baseboards, installing a tiny and relatively plain mantle may not be a wise option. A mantel with carved cherry bunches, on the other hand, would look out of place in a modern environment. It’s a good idea to go for surround sound. It’s a good idea to choose surroundings that complement what you’ve got going on without throwing the space off balance.
  • Finally, if you decide to use wood for the fireplace surround, you must pick which type of wood is best. Oak or birch are the best bets if you plan on colouring the wood and want to bring out the natural beauty. On the other hand, if you want a plain style and design to paint the mantel, a fireplace surrounds made of MD could be a good choice.

Many modern and standalone fireplaces are constructed of pure wood or a combination of wood and other elements such as glass and metal, which may surprise you. This style goes well with a modern interior design motif and is ideal for compact places where a permanent fireplace would be challenging to install. So the most significant advantage is that you may relocate it from one location to another as needed.

You can personalise your wood Wood Fireplaces Adelaide surround to your heart’s content, using mirrors, various types, and colours of tiles, columns, marble, and perhaps some targeted lighting to draw attention to your focal point. Be open to new possibilities of Wood Fireplaces Sydney. While having a broad idea in mind for the fireplace mantel is usually good, keep your options open because you never know what you might miss out on if you limit your options.

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