Why do People Prefer Sterling Silver Jewellery the Most?

Silver has been the purest element for mankind since ancient times. The trend of wearing silver is back again and now it is on a hotlist. Online shopping of silver jewellery is booming every day due to abundant benefits.

Over time, many other elements are introduced; purely generated or artificially generated. But, there is a huge demand for silver due to its extremely alluring features. The proportion of people buying silver jewellery online is increasing rapidly.

Let’s move ahead with the purchase of sterling silver jewellery.

To get the same information, knowing the basics of sterling silver jewellery is essential. Sterling silver is a combination of pure silver and other trace metals. Sterling Silver is one of the most chosen metals because of its versatility and timeless beauty.

The concept of silver and sterling silver

Silver is mined out from the earth’s crust, shaped, and polished to make the element wearable. Silver and Gold, both signify wealth and status then, and even in today’s time.

Sterling Silver is a mixture of the purest form of silver and other trace metals. The metals are boiled to form a liquid state and then poured together to form a new material with properties from different metals. However, there is no proof of when silver came to light, but it’s confirmed that the usage of it was in huge demand from the 11th century.

The alloy of silver with copper or other metal can be used as fashionable items such as sterling silver, which includes jewellery, musical instruments, and perfume bottles.

In recent times, Sterling silver is the most used element for jewellery. Sterling Silver is made up of the purest form of silver. There is 92.5 percent silver in sterling silver metal and the other 7.5 per cent are other metals like copper or any other. An addition of this metal can give strength to the jewellery or product without affecting its beauty and elegance.

Sterling Silver Test

The easiest way to determine a piece is sterling silver is to look out for quality. An international standard stated that all sterling silver should be marked with a quality stamp, which includes the precious metal content of any jewellery. The most common sterling silver markers include “Sterling”, “Sterling Silver”, “Ster”, “92.5”, “.925”, and “925”. If your jewellery is a pure form of silver, it contains 99.9% silver.

Through these quality marks, you can get to know whether the product is sterling silver or not.

Silver Jewellery Online

Another trick to determine the quality of sterling silver is through ice, ring, acid, and bleach test. After trying each of the above things, if you still find it troublesome to evaluate its quality, then you should consult with an expert jeweller. They can tell you about the sterling silver quality without practising the wrong quality tests.

Comparison between sterling silver and pure silver

Sterling silver is a form of pure silver with a minor amount of other metals for durability. Here is a quick comparison between sterling silver and pure silver.

Characteristics Comparison
Appearance Even though Sterling Silver is not the purest Silver, it still looks elegant. This is why copper is the most common metal to mix with silver. Copper has the characteristic of adding durability without hampering the overall look of silver. If you are worried about duplication or look like imitation jewellery, it will not happen with Sterling Silver as it shines as effectively as Silver.
Strength Pure silver is not so strong and sturdy. It can easily get bent and affected by even soft pressure. Due to this, the purest form of silver is not a reliable choice for jewellery or other items. Sterling Silver is an addition to pure silver, it overcomes the weaknesses of the silver element by offering durability to the metal.
Price Pure silver is costlier than sterling silver. Due to this, the purest form of silver is rarely chosen to design and create jewellery, coins, or any other items.
Maintenance Metals like pure silver don’t react with water or oxygen, which make them tough to tarnish. Sterling Silver can easily react to water and oxygen, so it can be easily tarnished. Due to this, it’s necessary to care more about jewellery or items made from sterling silver.

Over to you!

There are endless options available to pick the best Silver Jewellery online, but sterling silver is mostly recommended.

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