Why is ground levelling necessary for an above-ground pool?

One of the first things you should know about installing Melbourne Above Ground Pools is that it has to be level. This can seem like a small detail compared to the other work required, but it’s not something you want to overlook. However, if your pool isn’t level, you’ll end up wasting water as it leaks out one side. Second, your pump and filter will need to do more work than usual because they won’t be able to recirculate all of the water in your pool. Even though this seems like such a simple task, there are still many considerations when levelling an above-ground swimming pool…

The importance of an above-ground pool

If you want to make the best use of your above-ground pool, then it’s important to level the ground around it. If you don’t level the ground, you will have various problems with water drainage and drainage in general. The money spent on levelling your pool is well worth it because without levelling your pool, there are many other problems that could arise with it.

This can also cause major issues such as constant safety concerns due to the building up of algae or even something more serious like an electrical shock which can result in injury or death. If this happens regularly, then you’ll need professional help from a contractor who specializes in Melbourne Above Ground Pools.

The benefits of having a levelled ground for your pool

  • Safety
  • Less stress in the pool
  • No need for a pool pump
  • Less water evaporation
  • Less chemical use
Melbourne Above Ground Pools

How do you level the ground around your pool?

There are many ways to ensure that your ground is level. You simply place the bubble in the centre of the level and ensure that it’s perfectly horizontal. If your pool base isn’t completely flat, then you need to raise or lower one side until it meets this standard of perfection.

It’s also possible (but more difficult) to use more advanced measuring tools like lasers or water levels to evaluate whether your pool base is flat enough for installation. A laser line level uses invisible beams of light that show up on paper if they’re aligned properly with each other; while this may sound complicated, they’re actually quite easy to use if you follow instructions carefully!

Things to consider before you start levelling the ground

Before you start levelling the ground, make sure that your pool deck area is clean of obstructions. There must be no rocks or other debris in the soil to cause problems later on. The ground must be levelled and free of trees and shrubs above the area where your pool will be installed. If there are any obstacles below where your pool deck will sit, like a driveway or sidewalk, for example, it’s important to remove them so that they don’t damage your new pool.

If your yard looks level, a professional must ensure that it is. Even if the yard looks level in one direction, there may still be an issue with uneven ground. For example, your home’s foundation may not be level, and this can cause an uneven landscape throughout the yard. A professional should conduct a thorough inspection of your property to ensure that it is suitable for Melbourne Above Ground Pools.


We suggest that you hire a professional to level the ground and install your pool, but if you wish to do it yourself, then always keep the above points in mind. Either way, remember that Melbourne Above Ground Pools levelling is important and must be done right!

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